Friday, November 05, 2010

Devblog: Time Is Always Too Short!

Why is it that, whenever you actually want to work on something, you don't have the time and yet, when you don't wanna work on something, you have all the time in the world? I swear that all my best ideas come to be when I am at work and can't do anything about them, only for me to have run out of the will to implement them once I get home.

Eugh...I wish this actually worked:

Anyway, enough self-rage, and at least this has encouraged me to start working on an article about managing your time when you're creating your own amateur game. Balancing development with all the other stuff we have to do, like working and socialising and exercising etc., is pretty fucking difficult and I think trying to spell it out would be a good way for me to work out how I could do it better.

Any thoughts?


  1. Oi oi, I'll have to agree completely it always seems like time is always doing the opposite of what you want it to!

  2. my thought is time sucks damn microwave time why cant we have your time :/

  3. yeah, this day flew by really fast

  4. Haha, if only! You work on amateur games? That's fascinating!

  5. I sure could use that button :/

    If only to beat New Vegas haha

  6. Following this blog. I am really interested in seeing more info about your game. I too have a ton of projects, work, and school that I have to commit my time to.