Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review: Ammo Roar

Title: Ammo Roar
Developer: Zack
Homepage: Gamejolt Homepage
Genre: Shoot'Em Up/Arcade
Program: Custom

Ammo Roar is a shoot 'em up that takes gravity, slaps it about a bit and then forces it to do stuff it doesn't really want to. With graphics and music that mimic the spectacular Super Crate Box, the game is an instant aesthetic hit for me, but does it play anywhere near as good?

Dressed for success! This game looks amazing, even when you're dead!

The concept is simple; you have a gun and three lives, there are zombies and the zombies need to die. The twist is that shooting in any direction will force you to move in the opposite direction and that this is the only way you can move around the screen. Surrounded by two zombies? No problem, just shoot into the ground and fly away from them both! It sounds easy, but combining shooting and moving into a single control actually makes everything incredibly freakin' difficult. Did you ever play Cave Story? It's like having the machine gun that lets you fly around, only in a tighter space and with way more enemies!

Unfortunately for your character's already limited life-span, it's not just the zombies that are getting in your way. The levels are designed in such a way that traps like spikes will do some nasty damage to you if you happen fly into them and, if you ask me, just trying to get around some of the maps in a single, fluid motion is pretty difficult... yet alone doing so whilst avoiding and shooting zombies!

It's not all doom and gloom, though, as there are a bunch of power-ups to help you! Most of them do exactly what they say on the tin (double score makes your score go up twice as fast, go figure!) but what you need to watch out for are power-ups that are actually massive hindrances. Less gravity, for example, does nothing except make it even harder to move around the map gracefully! Still, most of the power-ups are really nice additions and trying to navigate your way towards them adds another level of complexity to what was already a challenging game!

All in all, it's an interesting concept and it's executed really well, the only problem being that it's possible for a dishonest player to exploit the physics and prevent the zombies from ever being able to reach them by pulling a stunt like this:

Der-derderder! Derder! Derder! Can't touch this!

This does kinda suck because it makes completing some levels pretty easy. However, later levels negate this effect by placing spikes or spawn spots in the corners, meaning that this becomes a much less viable strategy! Besides, this isn't really a game about completing levels; this is a game about high-scores. Why? Because, much like Super Crate Box, this game allows you to submit your high-scores online and we all know that high-scores are everything!

This game is amazing and the graphics/music are equally amazing. Sure, the concept is simple, but it has been implemented perfectly and I can't do anything but highly recommend this game. 9/10.


  1. cheating is always fun, im just sayin

  2. Cheating is disappointing ;)

  3. Zombies and and strange physics... COUNT ME IN!

  4. the visuals are nice to look out, wouldn't mind giving this game a whirl.

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