Sunday, January 16, 2011

Review: D10FP72HRGCE

Title: D10FP72HRGCE
Developer: Big Bang Attack Studios
Homepage: Gamejolt Homepage
Genre: Shoot'Em Up
Program: Flash/Custom

A very basic (and very pink) shoot-em up that is hindered by enemy AI that’s incredibly lacking. The enemies don’t shoot enough, they don’t make smart enough movement, they don’t dive down at the player enough and… well, they just don’t put any pressure on the player whatsoever. This is all typified by the fact that it’s possible to get through several levels of this game by holding down the shoot button and staying in the middle of the screen.

Ner, Ner, NerNerNer – You Can’t Hit Me!

The graphics also aren’t thought out too well. I like the style of the game, but only using one colour is a massive mistake. With how big the explosions are when enemies die and with there being a decent amount of fire (from you) on the screen at once, it is hard to spot enemy shots coming in (when they occasionally do). A bit of contrast between the enemy explosions, the enemy shots and your shots would make everything a little easier to see and wouldn’t detract from the style of the game all that much. The most important thing when it comes to graphics is making sure that the player knows exactly what is going on; this is far more important than flashy graphics or polygon counts or whatever. This game fails to achieve this aim.

It does contain some smart ideas, though. The currency system is a good idea, forcing the player to choose between repairing or upgrading their ship between levels (“I could repair, but if I can get through the next level then I can upgrade my weapons!”). I also liked the “trippy” mode of play, in which the game screen constantly rotates in an attempt to make the game even more difficult to play. Unfortunately, the lack of enemy difficulty scuppers both of these ideas, reducing to pointlessness what would be otherwise brilliant features to have.

Despite how dull the gameplay is, this game does show a lot of promise. It was made in just 60-hours and I think that, with a longer dev-time, the developers would’ve been able to do a lot more with the enemy AI than they have shown in this attempt. Fingers crossed for a sequel! 2/10.