Wednesday, July 13, 2011

News: New Look And New Feature

Hey guys, just a quick update to be perfectly honest.

First the obvious news, that I've changed the layout of the blog. I think that the previous design was far too busy and that this made it hard to concentrate on the information contained within the posts, so I've made things a lot simpler and a lot cleaner. I hope it is to everyone's liking. Please note, the background is probably going to be changed to something less generic in the future, so consider it a place-holder for the time being!

Secondly, and probably more importantly, I'm going to be doing a new feature: Project Of The Week. Each Monday (or as close as I can get) I'm going to be updating the blog with a new project that I believe everyone should take a look at. These games might be games I've reviewed before, in which case I will link to my reviews, or they might be games that have simply caught my eye. In any case, I hope I can use this new feature to show you why I love the amateur development scene so much!

So, to summarise: New design, a new feature coming soon, things are going to start being more active around here!