Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hype: Necropolis Demo Released!

A few months ago I wrote about a game named Necropolis. I've been looking forward to the release of this game because I think it has a lot of style, but also because I think the battle-system it possesses is incredibly unique. I feel like turn-based battle-systems are hard to pull-off when there is only a single party-member available because it results in the party lacking depth. This has two effects: 

1) It limits the number of skills available to the player, making battles seem montonous.
2) It limits the number of skils available to the enemies as you can't overwhelm the single-character party with status effects like "stun" and "sleep" that will force them to be inactive for a long-period of time. 

Fortunately, Necropolis' combination-based battle-system seems to get around these limitations (or at least the first of those limitations), meaning that it should provide some entertaining gameplay.

Anyway! The first demo of the game, Necropolis: Part 1, was released yesterday! The demo is said to include ~50% of the playable areas that will be included in the final release and, although it lacks a lot of graphical and musical polish, people seem to be loving it. Here is what the developer had to say about the release:
"So, I have decided to cut Necropolis in half and get something available for download. It is undergoing the approval process on RMN and should be available soon. Also, thanks to NicoB for being very prompt with his play testing. I copy/pasted the description into this blog entry:

This is the first half of Necropolis and has a playtime of maybe three hours total. It features a custom battle system, custom graphics, and custom music. 90% of the game is combat, so if RPG battles are not your flavor then you will not enjoy Necropolis. Thanks.

Here is a list of known issues:

1. Overwhelming majority of the battle animations are incomplete or using placeholders.

2. Spell animations not even started.

3. Music during the Vicks scenes is a placeholder. It is from Super Robot Wars: Original Generation, using 8-bit instruments. Will replace in due time.

4. Music during the Wagner scene is incomplete. It was composed before I had looked up keys in Wikipedia, and apparently my ears suck so it is a little ugly in many spots.

5. Random encounter mechanics have some kinks. Sometimes battles are triggered on "bad" tiles, meaning tiles that are used as teleports, to trigger cutscenes, or other things. Sometimes these battles result in an encounter versus no enemies, but it is uncommon. Still finding a universal workaround to solve this.

6. Encounter alert/flee can be buggy. Sometimes it can permanently lock you out of the menu (rare) and sometimes the exclamation point doesn't appear. I have considered removing it from this release until it is fixed, but decided I would rather use you as a play tester.

7. Sometimes a switch gets overridden when fighting the SoulKeys, causing all attacks to heal the target. This clears itself eventually.

8. Others. There are probably more goofy things, but the game should be playable. If there is something game-breaking, please let me know. Thanks."


  1. Sounds good :) It's always nice when a game you've been wanting to play releases, at the least, a demo. There are actually some games I just endlessly played the demo of and never got the real game >_>

  2. I dont know how good or bad its going to be, but with that name (and screen), it already caught my eye, so i guess thats a good thing :D

  3. very NES reminiscent seems cool so far

  4. Graces her subjects, and her thoughts the king. Supporting!

  5. Sounds pretty raw, but maybe pretty good?

  6. I'll try the demo. If it interests me enough, I'll look forward to the full version.

  7. looks like a new castlevania. could be very fun

  8. But will it blend?
    More serious question: Price range?

  9. I want this on the DS! As a rom or something? Can it be done? Looks promising.

  10. sounds awesome, thanks for the heads up, I'll check it out

  11. Wow, looks great. I'll try it out and see how it goes!

  12. Sounds pretty good. I would play it.

  13. like'd to give it a shoot...nice blog btw...

  14. Looks like a freakin awesome game to play "]! +1

  15. i would give it a shot, anything bringing me back to my childhood is very good, and plus nothing beats NES style graphics i still play zelda all the damn time on it. +Following