Friday, May 17, 2013

Hype: Star Stealing Prince

I don't actually think this game needs any more hype because it already won most of the yearly awards over at and it's already had a TV Tropes page made for it... but it is the RPG that I've been playing over the last few weeks so I thought I'd talk about it anyway. 

Obligatory title screen shot...

Star Stealing Prince is a JRPG that focuses on the titular Prince of a small kingdom perpetually covered by snow. It contains most of the systems and tropes that you'd expect from a traditional JRPG, with anything slightly different from the norm being thoroughly explained throughout the course of the early-game, and the detailed execution of these systems is something that has really impressed me as I've played through the early-game.

A good example is the in-depth characterisation that even the most minor NPCs are given. Each conversation you'll have with someone in the Prince's kingdom is a far-cry from the crude one-liners that littered most early JRPG outings (such as the early Final Fantasy games). It's rare to see a game try to inject so much life into the environment that its heroes find themselves in and, since it's something that I've always aimed to do in my own games, it's awesome to see other people trying this out as well. It's a simple idea, even if it is incredibly difficult to execute throughout the course of a game (it can be difficult coming up with things for irrelevant characters to say), but it adds so much to the game. Even more so in this game, where the obvious love the Prince has for his subjects (and vice-versa) goes a long way towards fleshing out not only the kingdom itself, but the personality of the main character as well. When seemingly meaningless interactions add so much to the development of the main characters, it's definitely a good thing.

The environments in this game really are pretty.

Anyway, I could go on and on about this game and I've only beaten a handful of the areas, and since I'll eventually be writing a review of this game (when I finally find the time to finish it, work and Starcraft 2 are taking up most of my time!) this will have to do for now. Trust me though, if you're into JRPG games, this game is definitely worth a shot!

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