Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SC2: Derelict Watcher Cannon Rushes

This is something that I originally posted over at TeamLiquid's website, but I'm going to post it here as well. It's a pretty basic guide (and it's for a very cheesy strategy; hate me all you like!), but what I really wanted to point out was the fact that these Cannon Rushes are possible so that other Protoss players can be better prepared against them.

If you do play SC2, you should definitely check out TeamLiquid's website, especially if you didn't know about it already!



I've seen TAiLS doing this on his stream against both Protoss and Terran players, and I'm sure that if Gaulzi still streams then he'll have been doing it as well. It's basically the same idea as as Cannon Rush on Daybreak: You slam some Pylons down behind their mineral line, you lock your Probe away, you slam down some Cannons, and you collect a free win if they don't respond fast enough...

Build Order

9 Pylon (Chrono Boost Probes Two Times Once Complete)
Rally Your 10th Probe To Scout Their Base
14 Forge
Build Pylons
Build Cannons


[image loading]
All of these Cannons are fully walled in...

[image loading]
... and all of these Cannons are fully walled in. I know the bottom one looks like it isn't, but it is because Derelict Watcher has a really weird out-of-bounds area down there!


... it's a cannon rush, dude, what do you want from me?

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