Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blog: Just Some Maps...

I don't really have a good reason why, but I've been doing a lot of mapping recently. I felt an urge to make some classic maps using the RPGMaker 2003 RTP and I just ran with it. I think they came out okay, although it has been a while since I used the RTP to make anything. 

This first image is a small town and the surrounding area, including the farmland that provides food for the townspeople, a dense forest, and a small section of river. The next map I'll make in this sequence will be directly above the town and will probably include a small dock on the sides of the river, so I'll probably remove the house at the top-middle of the town and change it into a path down to the docks. The original link to the image is here:

It's hard to see on the image above because of its small size, but there is a cave near the side of the river. Here is the map for that cave:

I also made a snowy mountaintop, which obviously doesn't link to the maps shown above:

I don't really have any plans to turn these maps into a functional game, but I figure I'll try and make a fairly large landscape with them. Nothing compared to the scale of a game like Skyrim, but a similar (if more cartoony) feel. I find putting maps together quite relaxing, but maybe once the whole map is complete I'll consider making a game around them. Making the maps first and then building the game around them will be a nice twist on the usual approach!