Sunday, March 02, 2014

Devblog: Engalia: The Wager Is Almost Finished!

This is just a quick blog to say that I'm more-or-less finished tinkering with Engalia: The Wager because I think that I've managed to deal with most of the comments I received after the initial release. I've also managed to add all the character interaction that I wanted to add to the game, which leaves me with only a few bits of tweaking/beautification of the game to deal with; the most notable example of this would be the addition of a proper ending/credits sequence.

In any case, I feel pretty confident that the gameplay is more manageable for the average player this time around. There are still some enemy combinations that can prove tricky, but it isn't anywhere near as stupidly difficult as it was the first time around. Having been able to play through the game with more than one combination of heroes (which was all I managed to do before the initial release; god damn one-week time limit!), I'm pretty confident that most hero combinations will be viable, although there are of course some combinations that are better than the others. With 200+ different hero combinations, I'm not even going to pretend that all combinations are balanced, for that would be an incredibly difficult task and also one that I don't actually think it's possible.

So basically, there will be a v1.1 release soon and hopefully there won't be any more massive flaws that need fixing!


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