Monday, November 02, 2015

Devblog: Squashed Some Bugs, Altered Some Dungeons

I've uploaded a new version of my game, Engalia: The Wager, that aims to broaden the experience a little whilst also squashing some bugs. There are three reasons for releasing this new version of the game:
  • The first reason is to fix a big that was preventing enemies from using skills that buff their stats. I'd forgotten to set those skills up properly (because of a bug in the RM2K3engine, they need to be set up a certain way), which made it so that enemies wouldn't ever consider using them over their other skills. This bug should now be fixed, I hope.
  • The second reason was to update the mapping so that the caves looked less square and had a little bit more depth. This basically meant adding more "diagonal" sections to the maps. I've also added new tiles to the chipsets that allow the "outside" parts of the caves to appear as if they're fading to black, which adds a little bit more depth and realism to the mapping.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I've extended the size of the caves in order to give the player more exploration to do. This is based on criticism offered in Cashmere's review. Chests will now be something that you need to be more proactive about looking for, and the caves should feel less linear to explore as a result.
Enjoy :)