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I don't just write reviews of other people's games, I also dabble in amateur development myself. Because of this, the secondary reason this blog exists is as a platform to update people on the progress I'm making in the development of my own games.

I've been developing games using the RPGMaker series of programs ever since I learnt about then in the early 00's, but it wasn't until 2009 that I developed a game I thought was worth releasing to the public. This game is a traditional JRPG named Sore Losers and it was pretty well received by the RPGMaker community when it was first released, especially with regards to the myriad minigame sequences it contains and the gritty feel of the dystopian setting that serves as a backdrop to the action. This led to the production of a (still in development) sequel set in the same universe named Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl, which is a much more experimental JRPG that I hope to finish making soon.

Outside of the Sore Losers setting, I've released two solo-developed games and been involved in one collaboratively-developed project thus far. The first of the solo-developed games is Engalia: The Wager, released in 2015, which is a dungeon-crawl RPG made in only a week for a game development contest. The other is Frog, The Collector, released in 2009, which is an arcade game that smashes together the concepts behind the classics Pacman and Frogger. The collaboratively-developed project is a puzzle-game named Befuddle Quest 2: Charmed and Dangerous, which was also released in 2009.

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